The National Curriculum

In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6), all children follow the National Curriculum

The National Curriculum consists of core and foundation subjects.

DfE The National Curriculum in England

Year 1 - Year 6 Curriculum Map

 Curriculum Overview Y1-Y6 


 Rights Respecting Schools

Our curriculum is driven by The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and by the Sustainable Development Goals. We are proud to have achieved the Gold Rights Respecting Schools Award - an award granted by Unicef UK to schools that have fully embedded children’s rights throughout the school in its policies, practice and ethos.


This is the highest stage of the award and (by the time of awarding in July 2019) has been achieved by fewer than 500 schools across the country. We work hard to embed the Rights of the Child in everything we do, making sure all children are knowledgeable of their rights and can discuss their importance.

Core subjects:

English, Maths, Science

We teach children to read through consistent, systematic and rigorous application of a
synthetic phonics programme (Tower Hamlets Phonics) in EYFS/KS1.

For more information on the teaching of reading, please refer to our policy.

For information about how children progress in calculation in our school, see here.

Foundation Subjects:

History, Geography, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education, Design and Technology, Computing, Modern Foreign Language at KS2 (Spanish at Arnhem Wharf) and RE.

As well as: Personal, Social, Health & Economics Education

At Arnhem Wharf, we provide an inspiring curriculum that enables all children to progress and achieve. Our curriculum helps children prepare for secondary school and later life through developing the key skills, knowledge and understanding they will need.  This includes a very strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills.  We have developed cross-curricular links so that these skills are supported by exciting and stimulating topics.

Children must take part in all National Curriculum lessons, however parents are entitled to request their child is removed from lessons in religious education, collective worship and parts of relationship and sex education - unless these are statutory by law. If a parent or carer wishes to withdraw their child, they must put it in writing and then meet with the head teacher to discuss the decision.

All children have access to high quality arts and sports experiences.  Alongside class teachers, we employ specialist teachers, who bring high levels of expertise.  

We are an inclusive school so we work hard to ensure all our children are able to access the curriculum.  We may vary resources, tasks, timetabling, grouping or staffing to ensure each child is supported and challenged appropriately.


End of Year Expectations in Reading, Writing & Maths 

Year 1 End of Year Expectations 

Year 2 End of Year Expectations 

Year 3 End of Year Expectations 

Year 4 End of Year Expectations 

Year 5 End of Year Expectations 

Year 6 End of Year Expectations 



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