Burnet News Club

Burnet News Club gives children an opportunity to explore current affairs and issues that can affect their community and the wider world. Through discussion, questioning and debate, they learn to engage in political issues and become inquisitive citizens.

Clubs run in schools all around the country. All clubs in the network focus on the same issue in the news at the same time. This gives the children a chance to share their opinions on the supervised online discussion board and get the perspective of other children in other schools.

You can see the latest discussion here.

Read our article, published in the final 2017-18 edition of the magazine.

Read an article by one of our pupils in 2018-19 issue 4.

Our school was awarded the status of "Highly Commended School" in June 2018.

Check out one of the final pieces submitted by an group from Arnhem Wharf below.